About Molly

Molly had thick red hair the color of a new penny with sparkling, mischievous eyes to match. She had a face full of freckles and a smile that lit up any room she entered. Her face was a map of Ireland- she was every bit the fine Irish Colleen.

She loved to dance. She never stopped dancing- she danced on stage, in the living room, she danced just walking down the street. She was so graceful and so beautiful when she performed. She cherished the costume from her solo dance in second grade. Her impromptu pirouettes were a joy to behold.

Molly had a wonderful mind. She was quick witted and endlessly curious (and we mean endlessly), She would ask us if she were asking too many questions. We always tried to say no, she wasn’t. Her sense of humor was fantastic. When something struck her funny there was no stopping her laughter.

She loved to cook. Her Molly-sandwiches are legendary and her apple pie was catching up. She could recite the entire Food Network daily lineup from memory. Yet her diet consisted almost exclusively of Cheerios, mashed potatoes, pizza and ketchup. She ate ketchup on everything.

She was our fashion consultant. She would not step out of the house without making sure that everything matched and looked just right (although her room looked like a medium sized tornado had just gone through). She made sure her sister towed the fashion line as well. We are certain that her father was a constant source of shame for Molly in this regard.

She loved her friends. The only battles we ever had with Molly were over the amount of time she could spend on line with them. If we let her she would never have shut the computer off. I hope they have a good Internet connection in heaven for her.

Molly would always want to know where we were and when we were coming home. If we said that we were coming home at 5:00 and ran late she was on the phone at 5:01 wondering where we were. And there was the faithful 3:00 call of, “So, what are you thinking about for dinner?”. Molly was always, always punctual. Maybe that’s why she left us so young- she hated to be late for anything.