The Molly Fund promotes education and the arts in Marshfield by providing college scholarships, by supporting community service projects and by assisting in the funding of school programs.

On a more personal note, for Molly’s family and friends, the purpose of the fund is to help others keep Molly’s spirit and vitality alive.

Molly died suddenly and unexpectedly on Father’s Day 2006 after suffering an epileptic seizure while swimming in the family pool, just one week before her 15th birthday. Molly was a great student, a beautiful dancer and a budding athlete. She loved to cook, to laugh, to decorate and to give these wonderful “Molly hugs” every time she saw us. Her bubbly personality, her winning smile and her flaming red hair lit the room. We could not have asked for more in a daughter.

What we learned in the weeks and months that followed Molly’s death, was that, in her too short life, Molly touched the hearts of more people than we ever knew. After she died, we heard from so many people each with their own impression of who Molly was and their own stories of the impact she had made upon them. We heard from her preschool teacher who was so taken with Molly that she saved one of her paintings- the only piece of art she ever saved from her students. We received a packet of letters saved by Molly’s pen pal at the Senior Center- we did not know that Molly had even been writing to her.

We heard stories from fellow students; so many stories of Molly brightening their days with hugs and smiles and words of encouragement. We heard from new kids in school who remembered Molly being the first to greet them with, “Hi, you’re new here, I’m Molly!” We heard of Molly’s crusade to have June 9th officially declared Dandelion Day (I’m a dandy, you’re a dandy. Have a Dandy Day).

We heard of Molly filling lockers with “I Love You” notes and flying hugs and funny, never-ending stories. But mostly we learned that Molly went out of her way to fill other people’s lives with her cheer and her smiles and her hugs. She really worked hard to make the world a better place for those around her beyond anything we ever knew. In her simple gestures of love Molly changed and inspired the lives of those around her forever.

And thus, it is our hope and dream to keep Molly’s spirit and inspiration alive through a continuing effort of giving to others. The Molly Fund was established to give us one means of fulfilling that mission. There is no question that Molly’s death has left a void in our lives that can never be filled. It is our hope; however, that in the memory of her life we can bring joy to the lives of others. This is what Molly would have wanted – a hug for all and the hopes of a bright future for those whom we can assist in her memory.


James Fitzgerald
Catherine Fitzgerald
Caitlin Fitzgerald
Conor Fitzgerald
Cynthia Bachman
Bill Bowers

John Clifford
Doreen Corsano
Johanna Cullen
Rachel Fucillo
Jason Hibbard
Glenne Jackson
Michael Maresco

MaryEllen McGoldrick
Arthur McRae
Ann Pollard
Steve Robbins
Amy Slotnick
Ross Troiano